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One of the most effective ways to update a home, increase property value, and bring some timeless beauty to a property is to install hardwood flooring. A professional, custom hardwood floor installation can completely reinvigorate an interior design scheme. But, what are some of the flooring trends and options that homeowners are choosing today?

If you’re interested in hardwood flooring and want to choose a wood style/species that will look great and be functional for decades, look at these three hardwood flooring trends homeowners are loving.

Flooring Trends – Wide Planks

We can testify that many of our clients are enthusiastic about one of this year’s biggest flooring trends, wide plank flooring. Hardwood floor planks vary in width, but this type of wide hardwood floor plank measures between 6 and 20 inches across. By comparison, standard floor planks fall between 2 and 4 inches across. Wide plank flooring can be more expensive than other wood flooring options, but it is fantastic for homeowners who want a vintage and distinctive look. 

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Flooring Trends – White Oak Floors

If you’re planning to update your home, white oak hardwood flooring is a savvy choice. White oak is a light, durable flooring option that helps brighten a room regardless of the furniture’s color or interior design scheme.

White oak comes in various shades and can be used to achieve both modern and rustic looks – which is why it’s such a popular, versatile choice. It’s not as grainy as red oak, and because it’s a harder wood, it doesn’t scratch or absorb water as easily as red oak can.

Pet-Friendly Hardwood Floors

In many households, pets are important members of the family, and as such, plenty of families consider their indoor pets when choosing hardwood flooring options. After the pandemic, approximately one in five households now have a dog or cat that has become part of their family. As such, it’s a good idea to look for hardwood flooring options that can withstand pet traffic.

Cat or dogs and hardwood floors may not be a match made in heaven, so it’s advisable to choose durable, strong hardwood species like bamboo, Brazilian walnut, or hard maple. Each option is durable, scratch-resistant, and not too porous, so they make excellent choices for families with furry friends.

2022 Hardwood Flooring Trends

Hardwood floors are a sure-fire way to elevate any home’s design and appeal. Whether you want a trendy hardwood flooring option, or something more traditional, consult with a professional hardwood installation team to source the best option for your tastes and needs. 

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