Stain Dye & Water Pop

Showing Your True Colors

The professional team at JJ Hardwood Floors uses a variety of custom dyes, stains, finishes, and trade techniques to bring to life the color of your wood flooring. More than 25 years in the hardwood floor business means we know how to bring your vision to life. Be sure you ask us about the many color options now available for wood floors!

Stain, Dye and Water Pop

If you are looking for a custom color, ask the professionals at JJ Hardwood Floors!


  • Dye/Water-pop application

In un-controlled scenarios, water should never be allowed to seep into your wood flooring, however, when applied correctly and professionally, water opens the grain of your wood flooring allowing it to accept more color, achieving darker, richer and exceedingly robust shades in your flooring.

  • Stain application

We use penetrating oil-based wood stains to add the right amount of color to your wood floors. Our specialized finishers can match standard colors with ease or create custom color mixtures to fit your specific design decisions.

  • Various finish sheen & colors

From dense, amber and matte varnishes to light and crystal-clear water-based polyurethanes, we specialize in all manner of wood floor finishes to achieve the final touch to your wood floors as you envision them.


Excellence at every step.  Call or email JJ Hardwood Floors to learn more.

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