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As hardwood floor installation experts, we’ve seen the trends of different interior design eras come and go. From the 1980s through today, we’ve witnesses which hardwood flooring products and design choices rise and fall in popularity with homeowners. 

The beauty of installing a gorgeous Boston hardwood floor is that when it’s done right, it’s timeless. Sure, you may require some hardwood floor refinishing services after some years of wear and tear, but that beautiful hardwood is still ready to serve your home for decades. 

But which woods are popular with homeowners and interior designers now and will still stand the test of time?

White oak hardwood flooring is one most famous and highly-requested woods to install in residential properties today. This article will explore what characteristics make white oak hardwood flooring such an ideal choice for homeowners. We will also discuss the differences between white oak hardwood flooring and red oak hardwood flooring and why some homeowners would choose one over the other. 

What’s So Special About White Oak Flooring?

White oak hardwood flooring is one of the most popular hardwood flooring options today because of how stylish it is against any backdrop. White oak hardwood flooring looks great with all varieties of home and decor styles. 

From traditional to contemporary, white oak flooring compliments homes effortlessly when installed by skilled experts. Homeowners are captivated by its nutty/light brown hues. White oak is also dynamic and adaptable, as it can be stained in a variety of colors. From light and airy to rich and dark, white oak flooring is very accommodating.  

White oak hardwood flooring has a dramatic and distinctive grain pattern, which has become a popular feature to stand out in homes in recent years. The textured grains are even more evident when white oak is cut as a wide plank. Wide plank flooring is when the hardwood flooring boards are cut to a much wider, somewhere between 8’’- 20’’ – this allows white oak to show off its beautiful grains and textures.  

However, it’s not only a visually appealing wood floor. White oak is also durable and resilient to damage, which might be it’s most attractive feature overall! 

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What Is Red Oak Hardwood Flooring?

Red oak timber is a hardwood, arguably the most popular/common hardwood floor installed in residences throughout the United States and Canada. 

Red oak is easily machinable, and it’s got great versatility for applications within residential and commercial properties. 

Red oak is the benchmark hardwood other woods are measured against for resiliency. The Janka hardness test is a universally accepted test to measure a wood’s hardness/resistance to denting. Red oak lands almost right in the middle of this scale, which is why other woods are often measured against it.  Red oak hardwood flooring is affordable and very stain-friendly, which is why it’s so dominant today in many flooring markets. 

White Oak vs Red Oak Flooring 

White oak is more expensive, less-porous, harder, and more durable than red oak hardwood flooring. White oak looks better with finishes and stains, and it’s better for projects of restoration where you need to grain-match an existing floor. 

Although red oak is stain-friendly, the wood is more likely to bleed, meaning the wood’s pink/reddish hue will affect the stain over time.  

White oak has fewer pores/open cells than red oak, which is why it’s a denser wood. Because it’s a dense wood, white oak has been used for barrel making for centuries. White oak barrels have stored wine, whiskey, and other spirits for centuries because of its density and liquid-proof characteristics. 

The wood rays that run through white oak give it that beautifully textured grain that many homeowners desire. This textured pattern is why homeowners seek white oak out and leave red oak on the shelf.

Is White Oak Right For Your Home?

If you are looking for a hardwood flooring solution that sets your home apart from the rest, you’re more likely to choose white oak hardwood flooring over red oak hardwood flooring. But that doesn’t mean that white oak flooring is the best option for YOUR home! 

We work with every client to discover the best solution for their flooring needs, and we aren’t looking to sell you a floor you won’t be happy with two or three years from now. 

Please contact us with any questions regarding your flooring needs and hardwood flooring options.