Custom Hardwood Floor Installation

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If you’re looking for a custom hardwood floor installation services, you deserve the utmost craftsmanship, experience and materials. It’s a special day when you choose new, custom flooring for your home, and we appreciate this. You want your floors crafted as precisely and beautifully as possible. 

That’s what we’re here for.

At JJ Hardwood Floors, you’ll find expert hardwood floor installation technicians who will craft your new flooring with professionalism and immaculate workmanship. Every job is custom-tailored to match your tastes, needs, budget and feel for the home.

We pride ourselves on working through the entire process — from design through dustless sanding and installation through completion — to bring your dream to life. If you have trouble identifying or envisioning exactly what your custom wood floors should look like, our decades of experience will help you find the perfect fit.

Over the years, we’ve worked with a vast array of different woods and home designs, all around New England and down to Washington, D.C. You name it, and we’ve done it. Curved radius work. Parquets, herringbone and chevron styles. Custom medallions and border details. The list goes on.

Let us make your dream flooring a reality.

Custom Floor Installation

JJ Hardwood Floors has more than 31 years of experience working closely with custom flooring mills throughout the New England area. These long-term relationships allow us to produce/acquire the exact wood flooring needed to complete your project. We know which woods will meet the quality standards you desire, and will not waste your time with a hardwood floor installation of an inferior product. 

Custom wood floors require a commitment to detail and quality workmanship to come out beautifully, and we are proud of each hardwood floor installation we have performed.

Hardwood Floor Installation You Can Count On

We provide or professionally & responsibly source the following services for your home’s custom wood flooring installation needs:

  • Removal / Demolition Services:
    • Remove & dispose of existing carpet
    • Remove & dispose of existing wood flooring
    • Remove & dispose of existing linoleum/vinyl flooring
    • Remove & dispose of existing tile/marble 
  • Subfloor Preparation
    • Concrete slab leveling
    • Plywood hard plating to ensure a proper bond for the adhesive/glue
    • Sound barrier procurement & installation rubber or cork 
    • Moisture vapor barrier over plywood or concrete 
  • Wood Flooring Procurement, Delivery of Custom Wood Flooring
    • Choosing the proper mill to produce your custom floor 
    • Placement of order with proper lead time in consideration of the mill. Lead time can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks (maybe more) depending on the type of flooring chosen 
    • Staging deliveries based on project schedule, making sure the flooring is stored properly on site 
    • Acclimate wood flooring and continuous monitoring of moisture content of the wood flooring 
  • Installation Methodologies
    • Full trowel down installation
    • Blind nail & glue installation
    • Nail down/staple down installation
  • Custom Design Installation
    • Random width and wide plank
    • Herringbone
    • Chevron
    • Piano key
    • Parquet
    • Custom CNC designs
    • Medallions 
    • Border details 

You can count on the professionals at JJ Hardwood Floors for exceptional service at every step of installing your custom wood floors. 

Contact us today to learn more.

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