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We all love our dogs; who couldn’t love a friendly pup!? But, they can be pretty rough on hardwood floors, especially if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Many homeowners worry about their hardwood floors and dogs causing damage to them. Granted, having a dog doesn’t guarantee a damaged hardwood floor, and certain hues of wood and stain can disguise claw marks or gouges. However, there are species of particularly strong hardwood that are best suited to accommodate your dog(s). Here are some durable and beautiful hardwood floors recommended for people with a home full of furry friends.

Hard Maple

If you’ve ever watched a live basketball game or played on a home basketball court, you already know how effective hard maple can be. With an impressive Janka rating of 1,450 (the Janka threshold for effective flooring is 1,000), hard maple is more than capable of withstanding puppy claws. With that in mind, hard maple can still gouge if your dog is heavy or extremely active; even so, its durability is unmatched when it comes to foot or paw traffic. 


Bamboo is technically a grass, and its Janka ranking is spectacular – bamboo is known throughout the world as one of the strongest and most pliable naturally grown substances and has been used for thousands of years by man. One might think that this discounts it as hardwood flooring, but regardless of bamboo being a type of grass, it all has to do with the manufacturing process. Bamboo flooring includes hard resins that contribute to its miraculous Janka ranking that averages between 2,000-3,000; this makes bamboo an extremely effective hardwood flooring choice for dog owners. 


Cork is an unorthodox but effective hardwood flooring choice, especially if you have dogs. Its soft material makes it customizable and strong. Since it won’t cause your dog to slip, it won’t need to use its claws to dig into the wood constantly. Cork flooring is also great for heavier dogs since it’s nearly impenetrable to major impacts. Plus, cork is very easy to seal and apply finish to in case of gouging. Cork looks relatively informal and is most often reserved for spaces like attics, basements, mudrooms, or recreational areas within the home. 

Brazilian Walnut

Sometimes referred to as Ipe, Brazilian walnut hardwood is commonly used for outdoor decks. In the past, the downside to using Brazilian hardwoods has been the steep price. However, as better cultivation techniques have entered the supply chain, Ipe has become more affordable and accessible to more homeowners. Brazilian walnut is just as powerful and sturdy as some of the previously mentioned hardwood flooring choices; also, it’s beautiful to behold. 

Hardwood Floors and Dogs – Floor Finish

If you want to protect your hardwood flooring from potential gouges and scratches as much as possible, it’s best to apply stain, finishes, and sealants. Sealants help protect your hardwood flooring, and If you’re a dog owner, it’s non-negotiable. 

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