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Sports Flooring

Expert Sports Flooring Installation. Let’s Play Ball!

Sports flooring is no longer just for commercial spaces, schools, or college gymnasiums. More and more people have installed indoor sports flooring within their homes for various uses and activities. Sports flooring has become popular for in-home use, and the availability of high-quality residential sports flooring has allowed more homeowners to install home basketball courts, volleyball courts, gyms, fitness centers, dojos, and even yoga studios.

Eco-friendly Materials
Installing plastic protection within your home’s interior — meticulously placed wherever dust may settle. We accomplish this by thoroughly mapping out which dust barrier techniques need to be applied for the job. Just one example: Floor to ceiling wrapping of your kitchen cabinets to ensure no dust gets inside your cabinets.

Hardwood floor sanding is not an afterthought. It requires as much attention to detail as any other aspect of the hardwood floor installation. Our finish technicians apply their expertise and take great pride in their work every day. On every project.

Whether our team is working in new construction or the renovation of your existing home, when we provide dustless floor sanding, you can depend on us to utilize the best techniques possible to keep your floor and home beautiful.
Our crew members are trained to operate Oneida Vortex® DCSs (Dust Containment Systems) These are used on all of our client’s projects to ensure the best sanding job possible. Mobile dust containment is our mission, and these machines help us accomplish this with each job.
Material Sourcing
ZipWall® dust protection products are used to seal off any area that may be exposed to dust.
Portable dust containment units keep your house dust-free during the project.
Upon completion, we will take down all installed plastic protection, feather dust the walls and clean all surfaces in the areas we were working in.
Finishing & Coating
As our dustless floor sanding procedures are happening within specific areas of your home, we take precautions to maintain any finished flooring with rosin paper, ram board, and other dust protection materials.

Expert Sports Flooring Installation

JJ Hardwood Floors Inc. has installed a wide variety of residential and commercial sports floors for all types of uses, sports, and clientele. As you can imagine, the demand for sports flooring skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, as many homeowners wanted to maximize the activities their families could safely participate in at home. But sports flooring installation, whether hardwood or rubber composites, is not for novices; experts are needed to create a seamless athletic flooring experience.

    The team at JJ Hardwood installs many different  types of sports flooring all over the Greater Boston area; these projects include:

    • Basketball court flooring 
      • Installations for elementary, high school, and college gymnasiums. Also, at-home basketball courts, including half and full-court installs.
      • We install three main types of basketball court flooring:
        • Built to NCAA regulation standards
        • Plywood on top of concrete, with Hardrock maple as the top layer of the court
        • Rubber flooring  over concrete, with multiple color options

    With any court installation, we can install custom graphics or iconic college or professional team logos

    • Basketball/Volleyball court hybrid installations
    • Home gyms, rubber sports flooring installations
    • Dojo, martial arts and yoga studio, hardwood flooring installations

    Indoor Sports Flooring

    Experience Matters!

    Hardwood floor installation requires care, precision, and extreme attention to detail; this is particularly true of sports flooring. Even the slightest miscalculation can cause the floor to behave in a way that is detrimental to the game/activity and can potentially cause injury to the players using it. 

    Basketball court installs are the perfect example. They need to meet rigorous specifications/qualifications so that the game is not impaired by the performance of the court’s flooring and that all players are safe when active. What type of court would it be if the ball kept hitting dead spots or bounced unevenly up and down the floor!? This is why we carefully consider bounce, impact, vibration, humidity levels, and uniformity when designing a court and selecting materials.  

    Rubber Sports Flooring

    The most common sports flooring we install is rubberized gym flooring for in-home gyms. Many families install durable, rubberized gym flooring in their basements, perfect for all types of activity. Our team will add hardwood floors leading in and out of the gym to complete the professional look; homeowners love how these projects turn out.

    How does JJ Hardwood differ from the competition? We only use commercial-grade rubber. Most competitors buy the bare minimum in terms of quality, and the gym doesn’t look right or perform to satisfaction. We install the same quality of rubberized flooring you would find in a commercial gym or a college, the Ecore Athletic Performance Collection

    An Ecore floor means you can drop weights on it, and no damage or marks are visible; it’s dense, durable rubber and very comfortable underfoot. Ecore comes in various colors, and you can add flecks to it in any concentration you like. Its smooth texture looks seamless on the floor. We’re the experts in Ecore athletic flooring installation, our team specialist has over 30 years of installing the product, and we’d never choose any other solution.

    JJ Hardwood – Flooring Experts

    If you’re interested in flooring for home use or represent a group, school, or association needing sports flooring, please pick up the phone! 

    We’d be happy to share some examples of our previous sports projects and talk about the unique needs of your sports flooring project.

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