We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act, but a habit.

-Will Durant on Aristotelian Philosophy

Greater Boston’s Leading Hardwood Flooring Installer

A hardwood floor is so much more than a floor.

The floor you choose is a reflection of your dream for your home. It’s part of how your space feels when people step into it. Choosing a new hardwood floor can be the culmination of years of hard work — a long-term investment in your home that you’ll live in and enjoy every day.

At JJ Hardwood Floors, we understand the special process of making those investments and dreams come to life. Crafting the right floor in the right space is not a simple task. It takes attention to detail. The ability to listen. And of course, the skills to get the job done.

With over 30 years in business, we are proud to say that JJ Hardwood has become the premier hardwood flooring company in Greater Boston. Our artisan quality work has made us a primary choice for architects, builders, and designers throughout New England and beyond. And, we strive each day to be the go-to provider for beautiful Boston hardwood floor installations.

In addition to top-notch work, our family-owned and operated team is devoted to safety and sustainability. 

  • We are Bona® certified craftsmen, meaning the sourcing of our woods, stains, and other materials must meet the highest quality, safety, sustainability standards. 
  • Environmentally-friendly and health-conscious wood floor finishes combine our passion for long-lasting hardwood floor beauty with indoor air quality. 
  • Dustless sanding solutions reduce dust particles in the air in our customers’ homes

If you are seeking a hardwood floor installer in the Greater Boston area, contact us today. We’d be glad to set up a free consultation and learn more about making your vision for your home come to life.

We take our time to get to know your needs, especially when it comes down to the length, mill cut, manufacture type, and species of wood flooring that will best compliment your home’s character, and most importantly, your ideal project aesthetic. We continuously strive to be THE Boston hardwood floor installer of choice.

Our commitment to the service we provide goes far beyond professionally installed and finished wood flooring. We are obsessed with customer satisfaction as evidenced by the attention and care we provide throughout your home. The protection of your valuable furnishings and interior finishes of your home is our priority throughout the entire sanding and finishing process. We meet and exceed your expectation for cleanliness, leaving you with beautifully finished hardwood floors in a spotless, dust-free home.

Every home has its own life and character. Your home is no exception. Our goal is to enhance, restore, and complement your home’s aesthetic by using precise and vibrant colors. We achieve this by combining the type of wood selected with your own customized color palette. Throughout our decades of crafting wood floors, we’ve seen almost every species of wood imaginable. We bring that expertise into your home, enhancing the richness of your floors by selecting the perfect materials. Not all Boston hardwood floor installation crews pay this much attention to detail, but we do — it’s part of the value we bring to every hardwood flooring project, every home, every time. 

Your and your family deserve the safest and most responsible wood floor finish on the market. We use only EPA Certified wood flooring urethane finish for our projects which helps you, your home, our crew and the environment breathe easier. A beautiful new floor should not come at the expense of your family’s health, and we make sure that it doesn’t.

Select Vendors

JJ Hardwood Floors works with the best in the industry to ensure that the end result is the best.

Articles & News

Check back with us frequently for articles on wood floor care tips, installation and re-finishing techniques, opinion pieces, interesting scientific explanations on trade-specific topics and more. Welcome to the JJ Hardwood family and thank you for taking an interest in our passion.

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