Dustless Sanding & Protection

Commitment to Care

At JJ Hardwood Floors, we take great pride in creating beautifully sanded wood floors to match your design needs whether existing wood flooring or new wood flooring. Our Finish Technicians put their expertise and pride into their work every day, every project.

Dustless Sanding Services

We take the hassle and mess out of sanding your wood floors with our Dustless Sanding system. Our customers count on us to provide the utmost in protections for your home, your furnishings and your family.

  • Floor Finish Protection
    • Rosin paper
    • Ram board
  • Dust Protection
    • Oneida Vortex® dustless sanding system
    • Mobile dustless containment
  • Interior Goods Protection
    • Meticulous plastic protection
    • ZipWall and ZipPole® sectioning

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A Little About Us

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