Dustless Floor Sanding & Protection

Commitment to Care

It’s not enough to install a beautiful hardwood floor. A job well-done means it looks as if the crew was never in your home in the first place.

Who wants a contractor to come in and make a mess of their home? Nobody!

That’s why at JJ Hardwood Floors, we take great pride in creating beautifully sanded wood floors to match your design needs, whether that’s existing wood flooring or new wood flooring. When the job is over, your premier hardwood flooring will be the only evidence that work was done in your home.

Dustless Sanding Services

Hardwood floor sanding is not an afterthought. It requires as much attention to detail as any other aspect of the hardwood floor installation. Our finish technicians apply their expertise and take great pride in their work every day. On every project.

You are seeking a hardwood floor installer in Greater Boston to provide protection for your floor — but also for your house while the work is being done. We take the hassle and mess out of sanding your hardwood floors with our dustless floor sanding system. 

Our process consists of:

  • Installing plastic protection within your home’s interior — meticulously placed wherever dust may settle. We accomplish this by thoroughly mapping out which dust barrier techniques need to be applied for the job. Just one example: Floor to ceiling wrapping of your kitchen cabinets to ensure no dust gets inside your cabinets. 
  • ZipWall® dust protection products are used to seal off any area that may be exposed to dust. 
  • Portable dust containment units keep your house dust-free during the project.  
  • Upon completion, we will take down all installed plastic protection, feather dust the walls and clean all surfaces in the areas we were working in

Our crew members are trained to operate Oneida Vortex® DCSs (Dust Containment Systems) These are used on all of our client’s projects to ensure the best sanding job possible. Mobile dust containment is our mission, and these machines help us accomplish this with each job.

As our dustless floor sanding procedures are happening within specific areas of your home, we take precautions to maintain any finished flooring with rosin paper, ram board, and other dust protection materials.

Whether our team is working in new construction or the renovation of your existing home, when we provide dustless floor sanding, you can depend on us to utilize the best techniques possible to keep your floor and home beautiful. 

Contact us with any questions you may have regarding our dustless floor sanding or dustless floor refinishing techniques.

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