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You may have heard the term “LVT” recently when a contractor or flooring professionals talk about various commercial flooring or residential flooring options. But what exactly is LVT flooring? And how do you know if it’s right for you?

LVT stands for luxury vinyl tile, and it’s been a choice flooring solution that’s gaining lots of popularity with contractors in recent years. It’s most common in the commercial flooring market 

Luxury vinyl tile is a very durable flooring material made from synthetic polymer materials and natural materials as well. You have probably walked on quite a bit of LVT without even knowing it! Commercial LVT flooring is popular in hotels, offices, schools, and hospitals.

By the end of this blog post, you’ll not only understand what LVT flooring is, but you’ll understand whether it’s the right fit for you.

When Hardwood Flooring Is Not The Best Option

We love installing wood flooring in Boston, but we know that not all applications and circumstances make the most sense for a premium hardwood floor – and that’s where LVT flooring becomes an excellent flooring solution. 

Commercial LVT flooring works wonderfully for businesses or associations that want the beautiful look of a hardwood floor installation but don’t want to have to worry about subjecting the wood to elements that could damage it. LVT is capable of withstanding challenging use while maintaining its pristine look. 

LVT can be a good solution for homeowners that may have budget concerns about the materials costs for hardwood flooring. It’s durable and can handle lots of activity, so it’s perfect for homeowners that don’t plan on staying in the residence for the long term or have playrooms and other high-traffic areas.

LVT has tremendous durability, and for many commercial spaces that see tons of foot traffic and heavy wear and tear, it can be the best option. A beautiful custom wood floor installation may not be ideal for an area that sees thousands of pedestrians walking across for various uses each day. However, this is where luxury vinyl tile’s character traits make it the best choice.

What Is LVT Flooring Made Of?

LVT flooring is made of several layers of composite materials. 

The top layers are the toughest of them all and made to protect the decorative layer beneath while acting as a translucent barrier. The decorative layer is where the graphical element comes in. Whether it’s hardwood, stone tile, or an even more elaborate design, the graphical layer of LVT holds the image that the flooring is meant to mimic. 

Beneath that layer is the inner core, and this layer is what makes up the bulk of the LVT and gives the tiles their integrity. The final layer at the bottom of the LVT is the backing, which is the layer that sits directly on the subfloor.

What Is Dustless Floor Sanding

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Is LVT The Best Option For Your Commercial Space?

The perfect flooring solution for your commercial space is one that is best suited for the working environment the floor is subject to. 

An architectural office, design firm, antique book store, or real estate office are all appropriate for custom wood floors. They are areas of commerce, but they do not occupy tens of thousands of square feet, nor do they have the same foot traffic that a hospital, school, or restaurant would.

Luxury vinyl tile is waterproof and resistant to the elements. So, if a beer glass shatters on the floor or hundreds of muddy feet run across the flooring after a rainy recess, it is easy to clean, and if necessary, apply some quick repairs. 

Even the toughest hardwood flooring is not going to perform as well as LVT in these demanding situations. Frankly, if all hospitals and schools used premium hardwood flooring, there would be many more companies performing hardwood floor refinishing and floor restoration

Before choosing between LVT or hardwood flooring for your commercial space, you must consider the conditions the flooring will be subjected to. And, what demands the flooring must meet without the need for constant maintenance and repair. 

The same considerations are applicable to the residential use of LVT as well. Do you have large areas of your home where hardwood floors are not the most viable option? Do you have a very large basement, a playroom for the kids, or even a gym? The durable, waterproof, and cost-effective qualities of LVT make it a sound choice for these types of residential spaces.


We use COREtec® LVT commercial flooring products because they have proven themselves the best when it comes to crafting luxury vinyl flooring solutions that look beautiful, and stand the test of time. Once installed, we can be assured that we will not need to come back to a completed flooring installation and need to conduct repairs. 

If you have any questions regarding LVT flooring or hardwood flooring in general, please contact us and we will be happy to provide you with helpful information and the best flooring options.