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When watching a basketball game, your eyes are probably on the players, the basketball, the net, or the scoreboard. In fact, so much is happening on the court that you probably don’t even notice its most important (and beautiful) part  – the actual court!

The basketball court flooring and its signature look help to make basketball such an iconic game. The beautiful hardwood flooring, tall nets, and colorful lines signify a basketball game and create its signature thrill. As little as some may think about it, a lot of work goes into making this 94 x 50 ft court. 

Basketball Court Flooring – Creating the Court

Only the best woodworking professionals have perfected the process of creating a basketball court. The job includes intensive hardwood cutting, sanding, refinishing, and installation. However, it’s a lot more complicated than it may first appear. Flooring experts also need to take the quality of the flooring into account and how it will perform along with its aesthetic.

Basketball Court Flooring – Appearance

The specific type of flooring standardized throughout the sport of basketball is called “Acer Saccharum,” also known as hard maple. It’s thicker, paler maple wood, finessed into a surface perfect for the game. While this wood flooring is certainly beautiful on the court, it’s chosen for other aesthetic reasons.

The lighter wood floor staining allows spectators to see the action on the court clearly. It’s also helpful for the players to see the ball as they move across the court with deep contrasting colors. The floor also reflects the arena’s lights to brighten up the entire court.

Basketball Court Flooring – Quality

The quality of the wood flooring is just as important as its appearance, if not more. Acer saccharum is chosen for its durability and hardness, protecting the court from cracks or damage from the force of the players. Each wood piece is approximately ¾ of an inch, creating a springy yet sturdy feel. 

There are also factors such as traction and cushioning systems under the flooring needed to create smooth and consistent basketball court flooring – it’s much more involved than your standard subfloor in a residential home. 

Flooring Options

When creating a basketball court for a private residence or commercial/professional use, expertise is needed. As premier Boston flooring professionals, we’ve installed commercial and residential basketball courts for our clients and accept nothing less than beautiful results.

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