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A hardwood floor is so much more than it appears. It’s not just the support under your feet or aesthetically pleasing sections of wood. The custom wood floors you choose to install are critical pieces of your dream home. Flooring is what helps every element of a room come together. Investing in hardwood flooring is worth it! However, it’s good to leave hardwood installation to the professionals to get the best results possible. 

Save Precious Time and Energy

According to HowToSandAFloor, It will take you approximately three hours to sand and stain 50 square feet of wood flooring; an additional two coats of finishing within 24 hours equals a project time of five+ hours. Let us say this, these estimates are very generous, and we would argue that it actually takes non-professionals 1.5x their projections to get this work accomplished. There are pitfalls and mistakes that non-professionals run into when attempting to install hardwood flooring, which is why it’s sanding and staining hardwood floors is best left to the professionals. 

Uncompromised Results

Simply put, if you want the best results, hire professionals to sand and stain your hardwood floors. Even seasoned professionals don’t completely hone their skills until they’ve been working for a few years; this is particularly true for sanding. It’s a very difficult skill to master, leading to a risk of unsatisfactory results if not completed by an experienced craftsman. Don’t take any chances on your hardwood flooring; hire professional installers for the best results – it’s not worth living with installation regrets. 

Mess-Free Installations

The sanding process can be very messy when you don’t have access to certain tools or professional-grade equipment. Thankfully, professional installation services have specialized sanding machines that pick up dust and make the process nearly mess-free.

Dustless floor sanding equipment keeps the dust and mess contained and unintrusive throughout the home. Hardwood floor refinishing is a necessary treatment for older homes or flooring with lots of wear and tear, but it can be a challenging and chaotic operation for untrained professionals. Instead of worrying about an overwhelming mess, let the professionals do the hardwood floor sanding for you.

Sanding and Staining Hardwood Floors – Hire Experienced Professionals 

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