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Custom wood floors are a stylish and durable choice for your home. With the proper services from hardwood flooring professionals, even the oldest hardwood floss can look beautiful once again. If you live in a home with old hardwood flooring, you may be in need of a restoration project. Here are some key facts about floor restoration in the Greater Boston Area and the important steps taken during restoration projects. 

Boston’s Historic Homes

Take a tour around Boston and you’ll find many historic buildings. Boston is full of rich history and old architecture that goes all the way back to the 1700s. Some of these buildings have been converted to museums that detail their entire history. Some of these include the Gibson house, the Otis House, the Nichols house, and more. 

It’s no wonder that many old homes in Boston and New England require the delicate care of flooring professionals to keep the hardwood functional and beautiful; some hardwood floors are literally hundreds of years old! For the best possible results, consult with a professional to restore your hardwood floors. We never advise attempting to restore hardwood flooring yourself. 

Hardwood Floor Sanding

At JJ Hardwood, we restored thousands of hardwood wood floors over the decades of operation. There’s one thing that all floors have in common, whether they’re 200 years old or 3 years old, a great restoration project starts with reference-level hardwood floor sanding

Sanding wood for restoration is a science and an art, and it takes years of experience to become great. We not only sand hardwood floors to meet the highest standards, but we also use dustless floor sanding techniques to keep homes spotless clean during and after project completion. 

Hardwood Floor Refinishing 

It becomes obvious very quickly when you see a floor stained, dyed, and finished by non-professionals. To be done successfully with beautifully seamless results, wood floor staining and finishing need to be done with meticulous attention and understanding of the compounds applied to the hardwood floors. 

  • Dyes

Dye or water-pop applications give your floor a rich, dark color. A flooring professional will work the flooring planks to accept more color, resulting in a deeper shade. This happens as a result of solutions helping to open up the grain of your wood flooring. 

  • Stains

Typically, after a dye is applied to your hardwood flooring, a professional will add a stain to create an even more rich and unique color. This creates a deep, beautiful shade that reflects the wood’s unique grain and attributes. 

  • Finishes

A Water-based or oil-based polyurethane finish gives your hardwood flooring a lovely final touch. At JJ Hardwood, we only use Bona polyurethanes, as they perform to reference standards and take an environmentally conscious approach to their business and products. 

To learn more about hardwood floor restoration, please contact us!