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Hardwood floors are easy to clean and care for with minimal attention needed; they also bring a unique sense of timeless style to your home. Like any cleaning routine, it’s important to be consistent with your hardwood flooring care. Our professionals at JJ Hardwood Floors always use the professional-grade Bona products when working in our clients’ homes and personally recommend their consumer-grade cleaning products to homeowners. Here’s why you should use Bona floor cleaning products and how to incorporate them into your cleaning routine. 

Why Bona?

For one thing, Bona products are completely free of harsh chemicals and promote sustainability. When you use Bona products, it not only cleans your hardwood floors, you feel good knowing that their ingredients are ethically made and safe. Their products are very effective, streak-free, and intuitive to use! We’ve been using Bona products for decades, and every time a distributor asks us to try something new from a different company, the results are never the same. We stick with Bona because the results and performance have helped us ensure beautiful projects for our clients.

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Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaners – Cleaning Your Hardwood Floors

Sweep or Vacuum Every Day

This may sound simple enough, but the key to keeping your hardwood floors clean and looking great is choosing the right tools to get the job done. It’s best to use a soft-bristled broom to prevent scratches and utilize a vacuum with soft-bristle rollers. If possible, try to purchase a vacuum that includes a retractable beater bar. Sweep or vacuum daily with hardwood floor products from Bona. 

Clean Up Spills Right Away

It’s important to clean up messes right away to maintain your hardwood floor quality. Leaving spills for too long can lead to inconvenient water rings that are difficult to remove, or if standing water is left too long, it could penetrate through the finish. Plus, dark foods and mud can leave behind stains. To properly clean up a spill, use a paper towel or cloth. From there, slightly dampen a mop or rag to rinse the floor. To prevent streaking, wipe the damp rag in the direction of the wood grain. 

Dust Mop Daily

Some may consider this tedious, but regularly dust mopping your hardwood floors will keep them from accumulating too much dirt and grime. Always move with the grain when working with any cleaning tool for hardwood floors. Daily dust mopping will keep your hardwood floors clean and well maintained. 

Damp Mop Weekly

Use a Bona microfiber damp mop with residue-free floor cleaner to polish your hardwood floors weekly. Damp mops work faster and capture residual dirt and grime your dust mop couldn’t catch. Never use a traditional mop, as this could cause your wood to shrink and buckle. Instead, use a Bona spray applicator or a Bona mop with a refillable spray canister to clean your hardwood floors. 

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