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It’s a dream, being the proud owner of your very own home basketball court, right? This is often the fantasy of young kids dreaming of making it big one day on the court, then installing their own professional-grade sports arena. 

Well, most of us didn’t make it into the NBA, but the goal/dream of owning a dedicated athletic space in your home does not have to be a distant fantasy. 

Today, we have the knowledge, technology, and tools to create beautiful at-home half-court home basketball courts, dance studios, and much more. 

As hardwood floor installation experts in the Greater Boston Area, we’ve installed premium sports/athletic flooring into our clients’ homes. At-home hardwood gym flooring can be reference-level in its performance and styling – you’ll think that the engineering staff from the TD Garden came right into your home and installed your very own parquet floor!

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Sports Flooring Options for Home Basketball Courts 

There are two dominant forms of sports flooring solutions for home basketball courts, and depending on the circumstances of the home, one solution may make more sense over the other. 

Hardwood Sports Flooring

The most popular option is hardwood sports flooring. Renowned for its beauty and timeless charm, beautiful hardwood flooring is synonymous with sports history and iconography.

You may be asking yourself, “well, what’s the difference between the hardwood flooring for home basketball courts vs. the hardwood flooring in my dining room or living room?” This is a great question! 

Basketball courts need to meet certain specifications/qualifications at all levels of play so that the game is not impaired by the performance of the flooring on the court and to ensure the player’s safety. 

Can you imagine if Jason Tatum was going for a step-back 3-pointer and the ball hit a dead spot on the floor and didn’t bounce correctly!? To avoid this very thing, engineers have designed hardwood court flooring systems to account for the bounce, impact, vibration, humidity levels, and uniformity. The subfloor, damping technology, and every other component of a hardwood sports flooring installation is done with precise calculation. 

Hardwood floor installed in your home also requires a high level of expertise to bring out the wood’s beauty and ensure a long lifespan. However, the wood flooring used in basketball courts needs many other considerations to function properly night in and night out, without causing any court issues during play. 

A Hardwood sports floor will last a very long time with proper care, and it can also be reconditioned if need be. 

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Synthetic Sports Flooring

An alternative to hardwood sports flooring for home basketball courts and other gyms is synthetic sports flooring. The materials will vary depending on producer and need, but usually, synthetic flooring for sports arena is a composite of materials like rubber, polymers, and plastics. Some will replicate the look of hardwood flooring, and others will not. 

Synthetic sports flooring can be the ideal choice for sports floors that will function not just for basketball or one dedicated sport but also for utilitarian purposes. Think about gyms used for dance studios and social events where food and liquids may accidentally hit the floor. Synthetic flooring is less susceptible to humidity, dents, scratches, and stains from food. It’s often the choice for elementary and middle school gymnasiums. 


A truly awesome feature available for at-home basketball courts today is the ability to design custom graphics and badging to go along with the necessary court lines. Whether you want your favorite NBA team’s logo on your home court or your JV team logo, it’s all possible!  

Please contact us to learn more about home basketball courts and sports flooring options for your residence!