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At JJ Hardwood Floors, Inc., we pride ourselves on providing our customers with safe, effective, beautiful, and environmentally friendly flooring, which is why we use Ecore sports flooring on our projects. It’s the same brand found in professional sports gyms and arenas worldwide. They share our values of safety, sustainability, and performance while providing some of the best flooring available for home gyms and sports arenas. 

Take the first step in making this flooring a part of your dream workout space or even home basketball court!

Ecore Flooring – Safety

Safety is our top priority at JJ Hardwood, which is one of the main reasons we use Ecore. The high-quality rubber base used in their flooring is designed to accommodate movement and helps to prevent falls; this reduces the possibility of injury, which ensures that athletes can focus on improving their workout and not worry about vulnerability underfoot.

Ecore Flooring – Sustainability

One of the best parts about Ecore rubber flooring is that it’s sustainable and environmentally friendly. Ecore flooring reuses rubber from tires and other used rubber sources to minimize needless waste. Reusing rubber provides a durable floor material for your gym while reducing your carbon footprint. 

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The Highest Quality Sports Flooring Available

Our flooring comes from the Ecore Athletic Performance Collection, some of the highest-quality rubber flooring used for sports flooring across the world. Ecore’s mission is to improve people’s lives by providing safe, ergonomic flooring that absorbs sound to minimize distractions. 

Ecore flooring is durable and doesn’t show damage from daily gym-oriented activities. We choose the brand because they are one the most trusted brands in the sports industry. They care about their customers’ experience and compromise nothing about their products. 

Fully Customizable

Ecore has a smooth texture, perfect for a sleek look in your gym, and it comes in a wide variety of colors, making it easy to match your flooring to the theme of your gym and create an atmosphere that works for you. 

We continue to trust and promote Ecore flooring because it’s safe, sustainable, high-quality, and customizable, making it the perfect choice for any professional or home gym. 

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