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There are plenty of opportunities to perform DIY projects at home, but custom hardwood floor installation is not one we would suggest taking on. Installing custom wood floors requires skilled craftsmanship, artistry, and precision, which is only gained with years of experience. Hardwood floor care and cleaning is one thing, but it’s extremely difficult to create and install beautiful wood floor designs. To help you understand why you’ll need an experienced professional team to install custom wood floors, we’ll be reviewing some of the intricate wood floor designs that homeowners often seek out.

Wood Floor Designs – Herringbone

Named after the skeletal structure of a herring fish, herringbone refers to a rectangular pattern commonly attributed to parquet flooring. Known for its beautiful symmetry, herringbone is an elegant design that’s great for areas with less visual stimulation. Herringbone usually serves as the room’s primary focus, making it perfect for formal living spaces. Due to its striking appearance, herringbone is commonly seen in foyers, dining rooms, and ballrooms. Its precise, symmetrical patterns require not only a steady hand but detailed mapping and implementation techniques. 

Wood Floor Designs – Mosaic

Wood mosaics require precise craftsmanship; the design refers to amalgamations of various pieces of wood pieced together. Mosaics create a gorgeous pattern that reminds people of royalty and elaborate designs seen in older homes with European influence. 

Wood mosaics can range in patterns, sizes, shapes. Mostly used for decorative purposes, mosaics make your home feel like a palace – mosaic floors are unique, beautiful, and ornate. 

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Wood Floor Designs – Border Details

Homeowners add border details to their hardwood floors to add unique and personalized attributes to the space. Detailed bordering can be especially popular for rooms that are grand in scale, whether that means a formal dining room or entryway. Borders are typically made with different types of wood, ranging from walnut to maple; the various wood grains, tones, and colors stand out against the original hardwood flooring, creating a distinctive pattern. With that said, borders are not a DIY project, and it takes a lot of careful planning to measure, center, and cut wood in such a manner. 

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Hardwood Floor Installation

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