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As a homeowner, you want to know you are putting quality products, materials, and craftsmanship into your home.

Custom wood floors need to be installed and finished with absolute attention to detail, which is why it’s important to only use the best hardwood floor finishes in your home.

We all have that friend who only wants the best of everything, right? Well, when it comes to hardwood flooring finishes, we only use the best solutions. But, that doesn’t mean that the same flooring finish will be the best solution for everyone.

It’s not just about selecting the best hardwood floor finishing products. It’s about choosing the best solutions for your home and situation.

The hardwood flooring finish is not only going to give the wood its durability and defense against the elements of the house, but it’s also going to provide the floor its unique sheen, coloring, and presence.

The Bona Standard – We Trust No Other Product

There are two different main types of flooring finish solutions, each with its unique styling and benefits, these are water-based urethanes and oil-based urethanes. Regardless of the type of urethane used for your hardwood flooring, we only use Bona® certified hardwood products.

Bona® is the renowned worldwide leader in hardwood flooring finishes. We only trust Bona® finishes because their solutions have been consistently reliable and help us complete beautiful hardwood flooring projects. After using Bona® hardwood floor finishes for over 20 years, we can say they set the reference level of beauty and performance that other companies strive to match. Simply put, we only use Bona® products because we will have no problems.

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Why We Choose Bona® Finishes For Our Hardwood Flooring Projects

JJ Hardwood flooring has been in the hardwood flooring business for over three decades. We’ve seen and used countless different types of stains, dyes, and finishes for all types of flooring projects. And after all of these years, we stick with and proudly represent Bona® finishes.

Bona® has been making hardwood flooring solutions and products for over 100 years, and we use them because they are simply the best. Bona® makes environmentally-friendly and health-conscious wood floor finishes that meet our standards for beauty and safety, which we confidently will use in all of our clients’ homes.

Safety and sustainability are top priorities for us. Bona® wood floor finishes do not compromise on either, not to mention, they create a beautiful finish on all types of wood floors!

No matter what the project calls for, Bona® will have the finish options we need. Whether anyone in the house has allergies, respiratory issues, sensitivities to chemicals, or the homeowner desires an eco-friendly finish that is also highly durable, we trust Bona® to have our solution.

What Is The Best Hardwood Floor Finish For You?

With each client we work with, there is a discovery process to determine what hardwood flooring solutions are going to fit their lifestyle, design preferences, and budget. The best hardwood floor finishes are the finishes that meet the needs of our clients.

A young couple who live in downtown Boston in a modern minimalist condo with herringbone white oak floors will need a different finish than the family who lives in Lexington with two dogs, four kids, and hickory wood floors.

The best hardwood flooring finish is the one that meets your needs and looks fantastic for years to come. We would never say one finish is always better than the other. It all depends on what our clients desire.

Please reach out with any questions you may have regarding hardwood flooring installation techniques and services.