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When observing current trends of interior decorating, you’ll see a lot of red hardwood floors. There’s a wide variety of red tones, wood species, and flooring designs to choose from that add value to homes, and many homeowners are jumping on the train. 

Red hardwood floors are incredibly popular right now and it’s easy to see why. With their sleek and elegant design, appreciative value, and not to mention timeless appeal, red hardwood floors continue to make homes stand out to this day. 

At JJ Hardwood, we’ve seen a surplus in requests for red flooring for homeowners and commercial property owners who want dark crimsons, rich oaks, and bourbon-red mahoganies to create an unquestionably regal and beautiful look to their residences that leave a lasting impression.

For homeowners, there are lots of enticing reasons to have red hardwood flooring. In this article, we will look at some of the prominent reasons more people are choosing red hardwood flooring for their homes, today. 

Unique Beauty

There are over 60,000 species of wood all over the world, and each will offer a unique and enticing visual appearance, pre and post-wood floor staining. This means there are endless options for how hardwood flooring can look. When applying a red stain to hardwood, the red hues settle with the wood’s already beautiful natural grain structure and hues to create something unforgettable. 

Depending on the species, red hardwood flooring is not only an enticing option because of its visual appeal, but it can also be a cost-effective choice. This can change depending on the project. But, keeping well-maintained red hardwood flooring can add value to your home. 

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 Variety of Wood Species

No matter what kind of wood you install into your floor, having a red stain will make your home look unique. Its simple elegance brings a calm and soothing atmosphere into your living space. With red hardwood floors, you can bring an aura of nature inside; a few of the most people hardwood species for red hardwood flooring include:


  • Mahogany – a renowned and regal hardwood, mahogany has a deep brown-red hue and is usually saved for the most treasured spaces within the home. 


  • Cherry – cherry wood has a wide spectrum of colors; some varieties are light pink, brown, and rich red. Cherry is sought after by homeowners for the range of color options and reliable beauty.


  • Redwood – it has a soft reddish tint to it and has a high moisture resistance. It’s more likely to be used outside on a patio than as an interior hardwood floor. 


  • Western Red Cedar – with a reddish hue to it, Western Red cedar is already primed to be a red hardwood floor, and when a red stain is added, the colors are vibrant. 


Hardwood floors are very durable, with reasonable care and timely floor restoration; red hardwood floors can look beautiful and be functional for a long time. At JJ Hardwood, we use Bona stains and finishes because no other solution keeps floors looking beautiful and well protected. 


You may be installing a brand new floor. You may be in the middle of a floor restoration project. No matter what you are doing with your flooring project, red hardwood will always capture the attention of people in your home and add color and vibrancy to your living spaces

To learn more about red hardwood flooring options, give us a call!