55 Knox Trail, Unit #402 Acton, MA 01720

This residential homeowner originally had no clear idea/image as to what they wanted for their in-home corporate entertainment space. The JJ Hardwood team came up with this custom on site design for the ballroom. Each box is individually built with 2 ¼  rift and quarter red oak, 4 inch by 4 inch walnut blocks in each corner of all the boxes with a 4 inch rift and quarter band around each herringbone box. The border detail around the perimeter of the room is a laser cut walnut border with diamond inlays. The sanding process involved took 3 days just to stain the herringbone field and 3 more days to finish with oil base poly. The adjacent rooms are 2 ¼ rift and quarter white oak with a walnut aniline dye and dark walnut stain with 3 coats of oil base poly.