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There are a wide variety of wood species used for hardwood flooring. Some of the most popular residential and commercial hardwood flooring species include oak, cherry, maple, and walnut. While all of these woods have a natural base color and tone, flooring professionals can modify them to align with the style of your home and have them present as you wish. 

Keep reading to learn more about the features of the most popular woods used for hardwood flooring today and how you can get started with hardwood floor installation.

Hardwood Flooring Colors and Species – Oak

Oak is known for being a wood that stains easily, it also tends to be more affordable as oak trees mature faster and can be harvested at accelerated rates compared to some other species. Oak often starts out as a light beige; however, as mentioned, oak is optimal for wood floor staining, as it stains evenly, allowing for a beautiful finish. Oak floors can take on various colors and textures, depending on the homeowner’s tastes. 

Cherry wood 

Cherry wood is a hard and durable wood that is resistant to damage and can be used for areas with heavy foot traffic. Cherry wood typically has a darker red color when harvested; however, like other species, it can be stained and finished to take on different colors and forms. Most homeowners will opt to get a stain on cherry wood that gives it an even darker allure/presence. 


Maple is another wood known for being highly durable and resistant to chips and scuffs. It’s often designated to areas of the home with heavy foot traffic. One potential downside to maple wood is that it naturally stains unevenly compared to other hardwoods, but experts can work through this challenge. 

Maple starts as a whiter/brighter wood, sometimes with reddish tints throughout. While the stain can come off as blotchy if applied directly, pre-staining will allow for a beautiful stain and finish. Maple is one of the most popular hardwood options today for flooring and furniture. 


Not only is walnut flooring sturdy, but you can mop it without worrying about over-hydrating it over time, as it is not a highly porous wood species. Walnut begins as a shade of deep brown and commonly receives a neutral finish/stain to preserve its quality and character. However, you can easily stain walnut floors to achieve more elaborate colors and tones. 

Hardwood Flooring Colors and Species – Find the Right Flooring Solution for You

You can custom-tailor hardwood species to fit your room and achieve almost any stylistic preference imaginable. 

JJ Hardwood Flooring Inc. will help you understand the different flooring options and help determine which species and stains best suit your needs.  

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