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If you’ve had hardwood flooring in your home for years but can’t remember the last time it was professionally treated, chances are your home could use hardwood floor refinishing services. Whether you live in an old building or you’ve noticed some minor damage, professional floor restoration can make your hardwood floor look new again. However, not all hardwood flooring teams use the same hardwood floor sanding equipment. 

It’s important to make sure the final product looks beautiful and sleek, but also leave the home as clean as possible. At JJ Hardwood, it’s our goal to leave clients’ homes as pristine as possible, as if we were never there! For this reason, we use a technique known as dustless floor sanding

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Hardwood Floor Sanding

A typical sanding project can be quite messy. Ask anyone who has done any woodworking; shavings and dust are inevitable. For professionals sanding multiple levels of hardwood floors means lots of wood dust, and this means an accumulation of residue that makes the restoration project less appealing for homeowners. Professionals using traditional sanding methods take necessary precautions to prevent inconveniences for the client, but dust can still find its way through the cracks without a dustless system. 

Protective tarps, restricted access points, and thorough cleaning will absolutely help if professionals take every cautionary step; however, it’s still difficult to catch every single particle. A dust-filled project can make the area very uncomfortable for homeowners with breathing or allergic sensitivities, and unfortunately, this causes homeowners to avoid flooring projects altogether. 

Dustless Floor Sanding

With modern, well-maintained dustless sanding machines, messy restoration projects have become a thing of the past. JJ Hardwood only uses this restoration technique to give our customers the best experience possible. Today, dustless sanding machines work incredibly well, and a typical dustless machine can remove about 99% of wood dust particles when operated correctly. 

A dustless sanding machine includes two primary components: a sander paired with a vacuum. For the sanding, the machine works like any typical restoration project. The key is to have the vacuum working alongside the sander, which picks up wood dust before it even has a chance to make a mess. The dust is filtered and stored in a containment vessel, keeping all wood particles within the machine. 

Why Choose Dustless Floor Refinishing?

The best hardwood floor sanding equipment helps your home stay clean, renewed, and inviting after the project is done. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice comfortable living space for the sake of your hardwood flooring. JJ Hardwood prides itself on offering some of the best professional flooring services in the Boston area. 

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