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While hardwood flooring is incredibly durable, high foot traffic or minor accidents can contribute to some damage over time. When it gets to the point where you’re noticing clear signs of scratching, cracking, or heavily worn boards, it may be time for a restoration project. Thankfully, hardwood floor restoration is possible. And the results, when done by experienced, well-trained professionals, a floor restoration project can make your hardwood floors look like new. At JJ Hardwood Floors Inc., we approach this timeless art with care and professionalism. 

Hardwood Floor Restoration Projects – The Process

The process of hardwood floor restoration is not too difficult to understand, but the execution must be flawless to produce great results. A professional restoration project includes using the best technology available to make the process seamless, efficient, and clean. 

Unlike hardwood floor installation, the first step of a hardwood floor restoration project is rigorously cleaning and prepping the floor for dustless floor sanding. The flooring team can determine whether any wood flooring board needs to be replaced if they cannot be saved. Sourcing wood to match and replace the original flooring is critical to keeping the floor uniform and beautiful. After the sanding is complete, the team will begin the bulk of the work, which involves wood floor staining and dying with the best stains, dye/water-pop solutions to bring out the unique beauty of the flooring. After wood floor staining is complete, various finishes are applied to ensure the flooring is protected and stunning for years to come. 

Renewing the Beauty

A professional flooring crew won’t compromise the character and beauty of the flooring; they renew the beauty of the wood by matching the stain or dye color with the original flooring. With an art form like hardwood floor restoration, it’s critical to maintain the integrity and design of the original flooring, as it was intended by the builder when the home was new. 

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Experienced Professionals

A hardwood flooring restoration project must include a team of experienced professionals; before hiring any professional service, please do your research and ensure they’ve had positive experiences with other customers. 

At JJ Hardwood, it’s paramount that we keep the work area as clean as possible so that clients can use the space shortly after the project is completed and exceed expectations when it comes to the final product. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve dealt with every type of flooring restoration project imaginable. 

Safety and Sustainability

We need to work with products, solutions, and companies that provide eco-friendly options that are safe for homeowners, residents, and the environment. At JJ hardwood Flooring, we work with Bona Greenguard Gold-certified solutions

We love to give our clients peace of mind knowing that the solutions we use are engineered to have a minimal impact on the environment and anyone in their home with allergies or sensitivities. 

To learn more about our hardwood floor restoration process and past projects, please contact us with any questions!