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If you own a home with older hardwood floors, you might notice that they start to creak and buckle as they age. The buckling of hardwood floors occurs when your floors rise and shift, creating uneven surfaces. But what causes hardwood floors to buckle? How can you prevent it, and what should you do if you find it happening in your home?

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of these common questions regarding hardwood floor buckling and let you know how to best address the issue. 

What Causes Hardwood Floor Buckling?

As floors age, they are exposed to various environmental factors contributing to buckling; it’s just a fact of life. Floors undergo wear and tear! Floors often buckle in high-humidity environments, so New England is a prime region for floors to buckle after years of exposure.  

When wood gets wet, it swells to accommodate the excess moisture it absorbs. High humidity in the air isn’t the only cause of hardwood floor buckling. Floors can get wet through spills or leaks. If you leave these issues unattended, your hardwood floors will likely buckle. 

 Hardwood Floors Buckling – What to Do?

If you notice new hardwood flooring buckling, you should dry the area if it is wet and attempt to locate what caused the buckling. For example, if the floor is wet, you should attempt to locate the leak. If you can’t find a water source, the hardwood floors may be buckling for another reason, like improper installation. 

You should immediately call a professional once you notice your floors buckling, whether or not you can identify its source. A flooring professional can help you identify and eliminate the problem. They can explain how to prevent future issues and refinish your floors so that you no longer have to deal with floor buckling in your home. 

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Contact Flooring Professionals

If you find that your hardwood floors are buckling, the best thing you can do for their longevity is to contact flooring experts. We can help you identify the best flooring options for your home and even treat and refinish old hardwood flooring. 

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