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If you have custom wood floors installed in your home, the differences between sealers and finishes can appear minimal to the untrained eye. But, do you need to seal hardwood floors? Why bother applying a sealer when a coat or two of finish is enough to add some extra color to your flooring?

However, sealers offer homeowners a lot more than color; they protect your hardwood floors from damage and provide a personalized color that’s unique to your home. Here are some reasons why professionals recommend applying a sealer to your hardwood flooring

Protection for Hardwood Flooring

One of the most appealing characteristics of hardwood flooring is its natural beauty and presence in the home. Since hardwood flooring planks are sourced from various wood species worldwide, unique wood particles reside within the structure. Tannins and extractives are some of these plant particles that can mix with the flooring finish. Unfortunately, the finish becomes discolored and fails to adhere to the wood when this happens. Thankfully, sealing your wood prevents discoloration and ensures your finish binds with the wood. 

Do You Need to Seal Hardwood Floors? – Durability

Think of sealing your floor as a protective barrier from outside elements. The finish can make your floor look beautiful and bring out grain and color, but it can only go so far, as your wood sustains damage from daily use. Applying sealants will add much-needed protection for the hardwood to prevent potential finish damage, especially with untreated hardwood floors. This precaution elongates the life of your hardwood floor’s finish and restricts the need for hardwood floor refinishing

Applying Finish

Before selecting a sealer for your hardwood floors, you must determine if it needs an oil or water-based polyurethane finish. Choosing the correct finish can mean the difference between a damaged floor and a perfectly blended color. The best choice depends on the type of wood, grain pattern, and color. A professional hardwood floor installer will be able to help you determine the best finish for your floor to prevent any potential damage. 

Timeless Beauty 

The finish is only part of the hardwood floors’ color blending/curation process. Applying a sealer can help retain your floor’s natural color while mixing with the finished pigment, resulting in a unique color that can only be achieved with precise techniques. 

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