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It’s hard to get a home sold with antiquated interior design elements; for example, does anyone look for green, shag carpeting from the 1970s when shopping for a new home anymore!?  We didn’t think so either, but do hardwood floors increase home value? Beautiful hardwood flooring has proven itself a timeless (and desirable) choice for homes of all shapes and sizes. 

Custom wood floors are great for many reasons, including their ability to increase home resale value. Money.com estimates that hardwood flooring can increase home sale value by anywhere between 3-5%. 

Here are some of the primary factors that are considered when determining the impact of hardwood flooring on a home’s value:

  • Type of Wood Species: The wood species used for hardwood flooring can significantly affect its resale value. Due to their durability and natural beauty, oak, maple, or cherry hardwood flooring are popular choices among homeowners. In contrast, engineered/ laminate hardwoods, made from multiple layers of compressed wood, may hold less value than solid hardwoods.
  • Quality of Installation: The quality of the installation also plays a crucial role in the value that hardwood flooring can add to a home. Poor installation can result in gaps, uneven surfaces, and other unsightly flaws that can negatively impact the overall appearance and value of the flooring. Hardwood flooring installation completed by experienced and well-versed teams is always recognizable compared to amateur installations.
  • Flooring Condition: The flooring condition is another critical factor to consider. Hardwoods that are well-maintained and in good condition can greatly enhance a home’s value, while scratched, scuffed, or damaged flooring can impact its value. Regular cleaning, maintenance, and refinishing can help keep hardwoods in top condition, increasing their value.

Do Hardwood Floors Increase Home Value?

Several factors contribute to the impact of hardwood flooring on a home’s resale value. From the type of wood species used to the quality of installation, the style and color of the flooring, and the overall condition of the flooring, all of these elements can play a role in determining the value that hardwood flooring can bring to a home. 

While it’s great to think about hardwood flooring as an appreciable asset to install into a home for eventual resale, we get the greatest pleasure when installing hardwood flooring into a home that will age with the family living inside, providing durable and timeless character to the residence. 

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