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There are nearly-endless types of wood flooring options suited for various personalities, tastes, and demands. Distressed hardwood flooring is a great option for people interested in a rustic, unique, and timeless feel. In this blog, you’ll learn more about distressed wood flooring and why it’s popular with homeowners today.

What is Distressed Wood Flooring?

Distressed flooring is meant to look vintage, aged, and live-in. Hardwood flooring installers will source old wood planks or new factory-made, distressed boards to achieve a rustic look. 

The goal of distressed wood flooring is to achieve a presence and look that is the opposite of new, manufactured, sterile wood flooring. Most homeowners who want distressed wood flooring want their spaces to call back to the older design style, such as farmhouse. 

Why is it Popular?

Distressed flooring is particularly popular with people interested in vintage or rustic home design. The uniqueness of distressed flooring is one of the main reasons it has such an enthusiastic following. Each board of distressed wood is different from the last, giving character to whatever room it’s in. There are also practical benefits to distressed flooring; as it looks worn, it can help limit the visibility of damage once it truly starts to deteriorate.

Today, most distressed wood flooring planks are milled and treated in a factory before installation. If wood floorboards are bought pre-distressed, the installation process doesn’t change much, but the hardwood flooring team will inspect each board to ensure lasting quality. 

Sometimes homeowners will ask for rare, aged woods to be sourced for the flooring planks, as it has a more “real” and endearing presence than factory-made distressed planks. This can be expensive depending on the vintage and scarcity of the wood planks. 

Flooring can be distressed after being installed. For instance, if you have hardwood floors and want to make them appear distressed, you can have professionals stain and treat them to gain that distressed look. As with any flooring installation, hiring an experienced professional is always recommended. 

Distressed Wood Floors For Your Home

Distressed flooring is a great way to add a vintage, rustic aesthetic to your home design. The uniqueness of these floors makes them a popular choice among homeowners looking for personality with their flooring. 

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